CanadianSexAct .org, liste d’actes sexuels au Canada (How I met your mother)

Dans l’épisode 18 de la saison 4 de la série How I met your mother, Barney Stinson connait de nombreuses positions sexuelles en vogue au Canada. Il cite comme source d’information. Point org car site à but non lucratif 😀


Voici la liste complète des actes sexuels canadiens :

Alberta Fur Trapper
How do you think they keep warm up there?

Full Mountie
The Mounties always get their man … or their woman.

Greasy Kayak
Surprisingly, does not involve paddling.

Manitoba Milkbag
For inspiration, check out the Dairy Farmers of Manitoba.

Montreal Meat Pie
With a French flair!

Musty Goaltender
Watch out for high sticks.

Newfoundland Lobster Trap
It helps if you have a hard carapace.

Old King Clancy
His loyal subjects knew how to salute him properly.

Reverse Rick Moranis
The Regular Rick Moranis is weird enough ….

Saskatoon Totem Pole
« Saskatoon » comes from the Cree, but this move doesn’t.

Sloppy Dogsled
Better hope you’re the lead dog.

Sneaky Snowplow
Without the element of surprise, it’s just a Snowplow.

Squatting Eskimo
The hunter meets the walrus ….

Sticky Flapjack
Bring syrup — and a mop.

Two-Hand Zamboni
Once the surface is smooth, you can just glide.