Kilian Jornet Foundation

Kilian Jornet a créé une fondation à son nom pour la préservation des montagnes et de la nature en général. Après des années à parcourir la planète pour skier et courir, l’ultra traileur catalan a lui-même changé et souhaite désormais sensibiliser les autres au monde qui nous entoure. I’m happy to announce the birth of the Kilian Jornet foundation. It will be by far the hardest but more important and exciting climb of my life. I love mountains, deeply, and I believe that since a young age I had a great consciousness about the importance of its preservation. Despite my environmental conscience, I’m one of the greatest environment destroyers. My lifestyle for the past decade as a professional athlete has been closely linked to traveling frantically around the globe and with that contributing in a large scale to global warming. Mountains are essential for life on earth. They provide us with water stored in their glaciers, rivers and lakes. They give us resources as aliments and renewable energies, while a third of the world forests are in mountain regions as well as more than half of biodiversity hotspots. It is scary to think how global warming can shape the planet in the next decades or how pollution can change the world’s biodiversity and the way we eat or find water to drink. This fear made me realize that I need to change the way I live to be more coherent with the values and love for mountains I have, and to take this conversation to my community. That’s why I want to go one step further with the creation of Kilian Jornet Foundation. The foundation will help projects, organizations and individuals working on preserving mountain environments »